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Day in the life of a board and train

Every dog has different learning objectives, starting points, and motivations; so each training plan is tailored to an individual dog. Mornings for all begin with routine safety, wellness, and comfort checks. Daily outdoor walk count should reach one mile by the end of the day which means morning walks begin around 7 am. This helps wake up the mind, stretch the legs, and build engagement. Breakfast is broken up with play and training opportunities both indoors and outside.

Structured decompression time starts at 11 am and is implemented using a place, down, dog bed, or kennel command depending on the structure and needs of the household. This allows a set time for the dog to start practicing a calm mindset to better switch between states of arousal. This is also when most attention is done to house manners and preventative work. Life gives our dogs a lot of barriers that they struggle to work through and this time allows us to focus and overcome them.

Our second round of walks begins at 2 pm. If dogs are in the final phases of their learning objectives Field Trips will also start to occur at this time. Afterward, a nice session of the play takes place in over 3 acres of fully fenced backyard time where we can focus on social skills to meet your dog where they are and set them up for success.

Dinner is often broken up into two training sessions and progress is tracked to ensure successful progression and feeding amounts and then data is logged to ensure successful program progress, food, and water consumption, and walk time for each day. Every night each dog gets one last round of play, cuddles, and comfort checks. Bedtime is set for approximately 8:30 pm. A progression email will be sent out halfway through the program to outline targeted objectives, send any picture updates, and simply check in.


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