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Our goal is to inspire every dog we come across. We believe in creating an unbreakable bond through a consistent communication system. Through the acquisition, where behavior is formed and paired with a verbal cue, we use a method that builds a love for learning. Phase two is reflexive where that behavior becomes fluid, rhythmic, and automatic. Once a dog knows how to create opportunities and has hope through understanding we then move on to the last phase. Application and generalizing which systematically proofs these behaviors through distractions, over a great distance, and for longer durations. Learning for your dog occurs within 2 seconds and it's a snapshot holding details that all seem relevant to the behavior. Showing all varieties of pictures with the same consistency can build confidence, independence, and lasting obedience. If you have a dog then you are always in training whether you realize it or not, so our goal is to give handlers the tools necessary to keep inspiring themselves and their pets every day. We bring them into our home, integrate into our pack, and build lasting relationships that you can always count on!


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Growing up side by side with dogs meant my communication system and learning style was directly intertwined with theirs. Dogs showed me a passion and intrigue for learning that followed me throughout my college years. I have 3 Associates and recently got a Bachelors's in Psychology with double honors from UMKC. Over the last decade, I have worked in developmental learning, behavior acquisition, modification, and social learning. Combining my early understanding of dog behavior and my vast understanding of how learning occurs, I aim to inspire all I come across. Early childhood showed me how a leash can be used to cause clear communication and how off leash freedom can bring a strengthened bond. I have always had a passion for animals, compassion for humans, and a need to grow. My mission is to use my ever expanding knowledge set, to guide owners on a new path to being successful in obedience through deeper communication and help them achieve overall balance.



Dog Trainer

There is always that person in the family referred to as the animal whisperer; they seem to have a way with any they come across. That was me and it didn't matter who we were with or what age; as if it was just second nature. Today the common misconception that dog is man’s best friend with unconditional love who will simply fit in and figure out your lifestyle is a disserviced optimism. Do you have a consistent language with your dog and consider training to be a basic need? Throughout the years I have watched animals get more confined and consequently seen a drastic increase in behavioral problems. The influx in pet adoptions does not match the growth in understanding and dedication that accompanies being a pet owner. I want to help dogs and owners reach their full potential by inspiring with realistic goals, a systematic plan to get there, and lasting results.


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