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Custom-Tailored Programs to Help Leave You and Your Dog Inspired


Board and Train

We specialize in 24/7 care so your dog learns in a natural and comfortable setting. They stay in our home and become integrated into the pack to set a strong understanding in the foundations of obedience for years to come. Dogs are Inspired by our consistent communication system and will see long term success from within the 3 phases of learning that we then teach owners with hands-on practice once the dog goes back home.


Class & Group

Inspired pack activities include a group class every first Saturday that helps owners build their capabilities in a variety of settings throughout the community. In the moment guidance allows for success in challenging and realistic situations to build a stronger relationship. Class for your dog happens every Tuesday as an overnight camp to stay refreshed in training and get back to back play time with friends.


Additional Services

Go on vacation worry free with boarding services offered to any Inspired Pack member for as short or as long as needed. Upgrade with refresh training to get the most out of their stay. We also offer Puppy 1:1 sessions to any dog under 10 months to build foundational success and preventative work, all done in the comfort of your own home. We can create custom dates or packages for any individualized needs you may have.

About Inspired

Our Philosophy

Every Dog Is Unique, So Why Shouldn't Your Training Be?

Our Goal

Our mission is to Inspire every dog we come across.

We believe in creating an unbreakable bond through a consistent communication system. It's not that you don't love your dog enough or are a bad owner, it is simply two different species having long term communication issues.

We know you love your dog but love alone isn’t always enough. Dogs need to have guidance to understand the context and learn expectations. Scientific studies have shown how learning occurs in three primary phases.

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Dog training Phases

The first phase is an acquisition where behavior is formed and paired with a verbal cue.

Phase two is reflexive where that behavior becomes fluid, rhythmic, and automatic. In our program, we focus on these phases in a controlled and distraction free environment to build a clear understanding with lasting stability.

The last phase includes application and generalizing to systematically proof these behaviors through distractions, over a great distance, and for longer durations. This way your dog can go anywhere and handle anything!

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Training Every Day

It's often said that dogs think in pictures, which is to say, learning for them occurs within 2 seconds and it's a snapshot holding details that all seem relevant to the behavior. Showing all varieties of pictures with the same consistency can build confidence, independence, and lasting obedience. If you have a dog then you are always in training whether you realize it or not, so our goal is to give handlers the tools necessary to keep inspiring themselves and their pets every day.

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Call for a free Assessment

Our Goal Is To Leave You And Your Dog Inspired: Which Means Giving You The Help, Tools, And Services You Need To Succeed. Call And Let’s Make It Happen!

Other Services

Choose How You Want Us to Care for Your Pet!

Some of our other services are specialized puppy sessions, vacation boarding, and group classes. If you're going on a special trip and need more unique dates, not a problem! Have siblings and want one trained but both to board, can do! Don't see exactly what you are looking for, maybe specific commands, or need some advice. Just reach out to (816) 766-5656 or contact us and let us see what we can do for you. Free assessments are 30 minutes at an agreed upon local area.

three belgian shepherds


Happy Tails!

The Stories Of Our Inspired Dogs


“We took our 9mo & 5mo old Great Danes to her 2 week board & train program. WOW!! What a wonderful transformation. It was like seeing brand new dogs. The amount of improvement in such a short time was incredible. If you are on the fence about the cost or having someone train your dog in general, or leaving them; I can tell you it is absolutely worth it!”

Jen K.

These siblings joined us for a 2 week program to learn some leash skills, house manners, and social neutrality. Wade is a 4yr old Golden who had leash reactivity and barrier aggression. May is a 3yr old Rottie/Pyrenees who had a hard time in large crowds, with loud noises and coming when called. They are now Inspired and go anywhere with their handlers using a new strong communication system, the toolset they need to be successful, and consistency!

“I have a 1yr Corgi who needed to work on recall. Janell was amazing to work with. Very intuitive and kind. Gave so many helpful tips and was easy to work with. Every time we met she was early, stayed present, and even had homework for after. My Corgi now does so much better on recall! Great Service!”

Tabitha G.


“My wife and I can not say enough good things. Janell worked with our schedule to visit our boy Tigger during his month-long stay. He came from a farm with free roam, absolutely no leash experience, house manners, or social skills. Tigger is now the perfect boy! He can go everywhere and follows all our commands taught. Once they come home, your bond will be stronger than you could have imagined!”

Shanan K.

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